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At Cepro, we believe distributed renewables, electrification of heat and transport, and energy storage will transform local places.  We are assembling a diverse team of talented people to accelerate place based energy transition.

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With almost two decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, Damon leads the product team with a keen eye for innovation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. His leadership style is characterised by his strategic approach and his ability to inspire his team. Damon’s expertise lies in transforming complex concepts into practical, market-ready solutions. His work at Cepro is instrumental in driving the renewable energy revolution, making local renewables an affordable and accessible option for all.

Joel began his career asset managing commercial property portfolios on behalf of institutional investors, working across all use-classes. He founded Instreet Capital to be a specialist investment and advisory business, and subsequently entered the world of renewable energy in 2012, providing transaction and capital raising services to developers. In 2015 he created a strategy to acquire land that is leased to utility-scale renewable energy infrastructure. Joel brings this wealth of commercial experience to his role at Cepro.

With over a decade of experience in the renewable energy sector and a strong background in project management, Mark is responsible for overseeing the development of Cepro’s innovative energy projects from inception to completion. Their role involves identifying and evaluating potential project opportunities, coordinating with various stakeholders, and ensuring that all projects align with Cepro’s mission to make local renewables affordable and accessible. Their expertise in strategic planning, coupled with their passion for sustainability, makes them a vital asset to the Cepro team.

Help us reach net zero with an innovative, realistic solution that will make a real impact.

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